My first blog post

Hello all,

after some technical issues I have finally got my website running. I have never done anything like this so bear with me. I have created this blog for multiple reasons:

  1. My love for sports medicine and running. I am somewhat new to running, I only started running around 1 year ago and I had some ups and downs over the past year. I have always been somewhat active throughout my life. I love playing basketball and will do so at a moments notice but being busy with life and family I have never kept up with playing bball. It was always too much of an inconvenience and I never had time to play. I started a new job at a military institution where most injuries were running related. My job required me to learn more about running injuries and how to fix these injuries. Another part of my job is preventing said injuries and in order for me to do that I embraced and was more involved with running as a culture itself. I learned to love and get better at running over the past year. My first race was a half marathon where I finished in 2:10 hours! I never imagined I could have ever achieved such a goal in my lifetime. Before I started running the longest run I had ever completed was a 5 miler I did with a friend that led me to be sore for several days. Before that 5 miler I only ran 1-2 miles at a time and was never a constant thing. But here I am 1 year later with around 400 miles under my belt.
  2. Income: So one of the first articles/blogs I read about starting your own blog and why you should leads me to my second reason. If I could start a blog for something I really like doing and get paid for it then why not?! I am not writing a blog just to add more income but it would be nice to see this grow into something more where I could earn a little more on the side, but it is not my sole purpose here.
  3. Community and support: One of the bigger reasons for this blog is to express my love for helping others and hoping to help others through their running endeavors. This blog will be geared towards sports medicine in running. That includes running injuries, preventative sports med in running, gait re-training (looking at run form), working through injuries, things to look for with running injuries, corrective exercises to help improve running, etc. This is not for running performance, I am not a coach, this is to help give advice on running related injuries and prevent them. That aspect of my job is what helps get trainees in the military back to RTT and is what I love best about it.

I really hope this blog will help people in the future so I encourage any and all types of feedback. Running is the basis for all sports, so whether you’re an avid runner or a soccer player running still relates to your health and future. Would love to hear from what you think so please leave comments and I will try my best to answer all!

– SA running ATC (athletic trainer certified)